Part II – Racial Reconciliation Series

Ahmadiyya Muslims host special event -
"Divine Leadership in the Latter Days”

Ahmadiyya LeadersApril 6, 2008, Norcross, GA…With “Love for all, hatred for none” as the centerpiece of its message, the Muslim Community hosted a special event in three ballrooms at Hilton Atlanta. Men congregated in one room, women in another, children in another. The overriding theme, peace and love, permeated the quarters, and guests who were not part of the organization were treated with respect, smiles, and gifts. All questions were answered sincerely and directly.

“You should choose a religion which makes you feel most comfortable,” said Arrifah Khan who formerly attended a Presbyterian school and sang in a church choir. Now a Trinidadian housewife with two grown children, she came to the US recently to care for a sick niece and will return home next week. Khan seemed not to mind that she was listening to men’s speeches via a video feed to the women’s ballroom. “I am very comfortable with Islam,” she said.

Leaders Interview

Following the informative affair, Tomi Johnson sat down with four of the organization’s leaders: Nafis Rehman, President of South East Region of Ansarullah, Atlanta, GA; Spokesman Zaki Kauser, Ahmadiyya Muslim Community USA, Silver Spring, MD; Imam Daud Hanif, VP and Missionary In-Charge – USA, Bait-ur-Rahman Mosque, Silver Spring, MD; and Jamat President Hazeem Pudhiapura, Norcross, GA.