Maysa gives free concert in Atlanta’s Centennial Olympic Park

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April 17, 2002…Singer Maysa Leak performed a sexy, sultry, musical set on an open-air stage in Atlanta’s Centennial Olympic Park as part of the “Wednesday Wind Down” series co-sponsored by jazz radio station WCLK 91.9, DJ Ken Batie, Wayfield Foods, Bank of America, and Nationwide Insurance and Investment Services.

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Announcing she may return to Incognito only if the money is right, Maysa said she missed performing with Bluey.  “Out of the Blue” is the title of her new CD to be released July 31. Maysa has toured all over the world, including East Africa, Japan, China, England, the Islands, and the United States.


Maysa sings readily with touring bands or jazz musicians set up at whim. Her versatile sound is in between that of Sade and Anita Baker. Anyone who hears AND meets Maysa will swear they have been touched by celestial bliss in its nicest, personal form.


Arriving at Centennial Olympic Park in a limo, Maysa followed performances by gospel choir Voice of Atlanta, saxophonist William Green, jazz group Magic Dream, electric violinist Ken Ford, and other local vocalists and musicians.  Ken Ford’s violin and eclectic string stroking took the audience into ecstasy, and as soon as they came down to earth, they were lifted again by lyrics and angelic sounds rendered by the extreme soprano voice of Maysa.


“When I was growing up in Baltimore, my parents would always play ‘blue lights in the basement’ music,” she told the crowd.  “I would sneak downstairs to hear the music because it was so sexy,” she said.  “My mother would say, ‘Maysa, go back upstairs’ but I wanted to hear the music.  I said ‘I’m going to play that music someday because it’s so sexy.’”


Talking to youth off stage before the concert, Maysa told them she majored in Music at Morgan State University where she trained in opera.  Her greatest loves are her fans and her pre-school aged son, Jazz.  Maysa recites the Prayer of Jabez and believes God wants His children to be prosperous. 


Maysa added she does play the lottery occasionally and plans to pay for her next luxury car in cash.  Members of her family are never far away and help with security issues.  Her advice to kids:  Listen to your mother. Her favorite color is blue.


BET will rebroadcast another Maysa concert on Sunday, April 28 at 11:30 am. For more information on Maysa, go to her website at:  


Maysa’s new album will be released on July 31 and is entitled “Out of the Blue.”




Ken Batie (r) and crew checked out the sound system while Magic Dream performed on the open-air stage in Centennial Olympic Park.


Radio station WCLK 91.9 and 3 corporate sponsors supported Maysa’s free concert. 


Ken Ford on electric violin was one of the class acts at the Maysa concert in Atlanta.



A percussionist accompanied vocalist Toni Redd (l) and her sister on the Maysa concert stage.


The crowd, which included the Double Impact Fitness Twins (ctr.), loved Maysa and Ken Ford’s sexy music.


Maysa talked with two sixth graders, Ilea Johnson (ctr.) and Jessica West, who study violin at Mabry Middle School in Cobb County, GA. Ilea, a local model, found out she was born on Maysa’s birthday – August 17.


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