“To market, to market, to buy a fat pig,

Home again, home again, jiggety jig.

To market, to market, to buy a fat hog, Home again, home again, jiggety jog.

                                                   Child’s nursery rhyme


Atlanta, GA, July 19, 2006…AmericasMart already has 2,000 showrooms and 4,000 booths. When asked why it needs to construct an additional Building 4, Chas Sydney, senior vice president of new business development said, “We need more room to display more products.” Sydney was recently master of ceremonies at the 2006 Rug Retailer of the Year (ROY) Awards held at the Georgia Aquarium.


After the ceremony, WingcomLtd decided to honor exhibitors from this summer’s International Gift and Home Furnishings Show. The accolades were based on the look and feel of individual items and the enthusiasm of exhibitors towards marketing their products when selected to be interviewed by WingcomLtd.


Most Unique

Nancy Morgan, Dreamsacks: “We are making clothing from bamboo fiber. Bamboo is completely renewable, incredibly soft, feels wonderful against your skin, and is breathable. It grows naturally without pesticides, and you can always get more of it.


“When wearing clothes made from bamboo, you don’t get too hot or too cold. It’s perfect for ladies in the middle of menopause! It feels wonderful against your skin. It’s practical, can be washed and dried, and is reasonably priced. We are real excited about our products,” Morgan said.



Most Beautiful

Anupma Sethi, Pres., Sethi and Sethi Inc.: “Our embroideries are very unique. There are a lot of venders who are doing the peacock bird as well as the peacock feather, but everyone who has seen our version says it is absolutely different from others.  We have used colored metallic yards to create the peacock feather, and it has a three-dimensional effect.  It has a certain delicacy about it.”



Best Feel

Jodie Sandman, VP of Ankasa: “Our pillows are fashion-minded and have fashion sensibility. They are hand embellished and hand embroidered. Our best feeling pillows are made from sheared rabbit and encrusted with Sarworski crystals.”


Most Researched

(Pictured Cami Nobles and Terrell Swan from Cat Studio: The Geography Collection. Mr. Swan:  “Each of our pillows has been researched for months, designed, and sent to people from different geographic areas to examine for accuracy. Then the design is reworked and sent to India where they are hand embroidered. It’s a lot of work, a labor of love, and an intense project. All our pillows are geographically inspired.


“Since we’re selling to people who know their regions, cities, states, and countries, our pillow designs have to be accurate and beautiful. They are a remembrance of things past: places people have loved, where they were born, honeymooned, went to college or taken a vacation. They hit sweet spots of memories and joys,” Swan added.


Most Humanitarian

Cindi Morrison, Lucinda Lee: “All of our products come from Vietnam and are completely hand crafted and embroidered. We have the silk woven to our specifications, and we employ very worthy people who are poor and very, very grateful for the work we give them.  If we had one woman working on one of our bed sets, it would take her one year to complete. We have taken over one workroom completely and employ 100 people there. Our hope is that we can elevate their lifestyle.”




Perfect Balance and Harmony

Edmund Chaney, Eileen Hall Import and Design: “Our line is Vietnam Stone, and what makes this product unique is something truly amazing – it’s an archetype, new yet ancient, and speaks to the senses – the eyesight as well as to the touch - is tactile as well as visual. It is entirely handmade. There is a tension between the design and the box which creates an artistic balance. Every piece is harmonious.”


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Written by Tomi Morris Johnson

Photos by Kurk D. Johnson

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From peacocks to pillows,

Georgia Aquarium and back…

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