June 4, 2009 Atlanta, GA…What are the real reasons African Americans score low on standardized tests, and what can be done about it? Is it income, environment, genetics? Do the answers hinge on cultural bias, funding, improper student preparation, or on parent’s marital status, educational attainment, expectations, involvement, or something else?

Dr. Veda Jairrels theorizes the true cause of this controversial and highly debatable subjectin African Americans and Standardized Tests: the Real Reason for Low Test Scores. The book stresses the importance of literacy and provides practical recommendations for parents, educators, churches, entertainers, sororities, fraternities, and concerned citizens as to how they can help narrow the achievement gap.

 “I believe that the literacy levels of African Americans should be viewed in a historical context. Generation after generation of African Americans grew up without access to schools, books, or libraries. A familial habit of reading did not develop as a result. Research has indicated that regardless of socioeconomic status, African Americans parents read less to their children than their white counterparts. Therefore, one very important recommendation is that parents read every day to their children, beginning at birth,” Jairrels explains.
“Non-required or pleasure reading is a must, for reading done for school may not be enough. It is my goal that every African American child will have had read to him or her at least 2000 books by the time the child reaches six years of age.”

Author Veda Jairrels, J.D., Ph.D., is a full professor of Exceptional Education at Clark Atlanta University in Atlanta, GA. She is a graduate of Indiana University (BA’76, JD’78).  Licensed to practice law in Pennsylvania, Dr. Jairrels has also taught in the public schools of New York City. Dr. Jairrels is the daughter of Dr. C. W. Jairrels, a retired school administrator, and retired educator Juanita H. Jairrels, both of Anniston, AL., and sister of Attorney William Jairrels of Cleveland, Ohio.VedaBlackWhitePhoto.jpg

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Publisher’s note: Errata: The Table on P. 20 should state: Asian, Asian American, or Pacific Islander 514, not 578.

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